Handled with Care & Love

To ensure you have The Perfect Diamond, we confirm all laser diamond engraving in-house via our easy to use microscopes. Each diamond comes with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate and laser engraving. This engraving confirms the diamond’s identity and authenticity. The serial number is specific for each diamond and is also noted on the certificate. In the event you lose your certificate, you are still able to search GIA’s website and retrieve a PDF version of the certificate.

Lifetime Warranty

To keep your jewellery piece at its very best we recommend an annual essential service. The essential service will include a close examination of each diamond, claw tightening, steam cleaning, rhodium plating and a soft polish. By completing the rhodium/polish it will bring your jewellery piece close to its original brilliance and shine.

 We recommend a service/rhodium polish once every few years to maintain the structural longevity.

Each jewellery piece is strictly quality assessed before we confirm a collection time. We use the highest grade metal quality, diamond grades and craftsmanship based on Australian standards and by Australian diamond setters. By doing so, we deliver a superior jewellery piece that will last through the generations.

If you happen to experience an issue with your jewellery piece, we are more than happy to assess it during an appointment so a cause can be determined. Any manufacturing faults will be covered by The Perfect Diamond. Any accidental damage caused by wear can be either covered by your chosen insurance provider or a quote for repair will be provided.

Repair or service performed by anyone else other than The Perfect Diamond will void the warranty. All fine jewellery will encounter normal wear and tear, this is especially for rings. Our hands are in use every day and endure pressure from daily activities. We recommend placing your valuable item in a secure place during strenuous activates such as gym workouts. The Perfect Diamond does not under any circumstance cover the loss of the central diamond or jewellery item. We highly recommend getting all items insured in-particular before you leave for your honeymoon.

Privacy & Safety

At The Perfect Diamond, we do share any personal details provided by clients to any third parties. Personal details are securely stored and highly protected. Your privacy is of the highest importance to our business.